Finding detailed information about animals or products is not always as easy as it could be. The database will help us to get the information we need.

The first features

These features are available now!
The product database will follow soon

Finding the right entry

View, search, filter and browse entries of animals, plants and later also products

Database search ability preview

Access information and photos

Get scientific information, properties and view shared experiences and photos from the community

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Post your own photos

You can add your own photos to entries and share them with the community

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Document color variants

Especially the coral trade knows so many color variations and trade names, that it is hard to keep track. With your help, we want to change this and create entries for most known color variations

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Share your own experience

With only a few clicks can support the community by sharing things you have already learned yourself - without the need of writing long texts

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The database helps us to build an extensive knowledge base for the community which we can use with the other compontents

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