Master your
reef tanks

And simplify the hobby by sharing, learning and trading with our community

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How do we make this happen?

We built these three features, to make our lives easier


Buy animals & plants from shops in our community and sell your own

  • Easy offer creation with our database

  • Simple processes to buy and sell

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Find animals & plants and share your own photos, color variations and experiences

  • Find inspiration for your own tanks

  • Learn from the experience of others

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Tank Manager

Manage your tank inhabitants and share your configuration

  • Share your aquarium with the community and with whoever you choose

  • Get more precise help from friends

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What we want to achieve

1. More knowledge

We want to gather knowledge about the hobby, with and for the community. With our platform this knowledge will be more acccessible to everyone

2. Easier processes

The hobby is complex enough. We want to build a platform that simplyfies tedious processes for all of us

3. More succesfull Reefers

We want to provide the community with a useful tool to master the challenges of the reefkeeping hobby together

Nice to meet you!

I am very excited to finally share the first impressions of the platform. It will keep evolving over the next years and I am looking forward to seeing where we take Build Your Tank together with the community!


Reefer and founder

More about us
Simon, entrepreneur


Reefer and founder

More about us

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