Finding the animals or products you are looking for can be a challenge. The marketplace will make buying and selling a lot easier for all of us.

The first features

The following images are from our prototype, so the final screens might look slightly different.
It will be available from Q1 2023 in Switzerland, additional regions will follow later

Find the offer you are looking for

View, search, filter and browse offers of animals, plants and later also products

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Get detailed information

Information added from the database will help you find the right offers for you During the offer creation we also ask for information about the origin of animals and plants to increase transparency

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Easily and securely pay your order

Purchases are paid on the platform, the seller will arrange the handover or shipping of the animals, plants or products directly with you

Get your documents

After placing an order you receive a confirmation and a certificate to document the origin of animals you bought

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Make excellent sellers stand out

Rate your experience with sellers for the community

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Sell animals, plants and producuts

Start selling stuff yourself

Become a seller yourself by adding some more information.

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Create offers

Easily create new offers based on database entries You only need to enter information specific to your offer We will automatically add all knowledge from the database to your offer

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Shop page

Manage your current offers Edit your seller page information
Share link to your offers

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Email confirmation

When an order is placed, you receive an email confirmation to arrange the handover or shipping

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Regularly receive your proceeds

We will log your earnings of the sale in your account and transfer them to your bank account every two weeks

The marketplace gives us safer and easier processes and provides a lot more information to you while you browse

Join the community

And we will let you know once more features are available

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