About Build Your Tank

Our goal is to provide a platform for reefers to simplify and enjoy the reefkeeping hobby

The inspiration

Since I moved from freshwater aquariums to my first reef tank, I encountered a lot of challenges. Sure, some of them are part of what make the hobby interesting. But other challenges seemed unnecessary to me. This inspired me to create a new tool for Reefers to simplify our beautiful hobby so we can spend more time admiring our tanks.

Nice to meet you!


Reefer and founder Owns two reef tanks Has a lot experience with software projects

“I am very excited to finally share the first impressions of the platform. It will keep evolving over the next years and I am looking forward to seeing where we take Build Your Tank together with the community!”

Issues we want to solve

Together with the community, we identified three areas of the hobby with a lot of room for improvement

Information about the hobby

There are lots of different sources for information, but finding exactly what you need to know can be challenging

Knowledge is nowadays often shared in the form of text blocks or dicussions. This makes it hard to access for others

A lot of information is subjective. The best example for this is the required tank size for fish. There is not just the one right answer for that question

It is hard to keep track with the sheer amount of color variations and trade names for different corals

Buying and selling

Origin of offered animals is often not communicated to buyers

Offers often do not contain enough information about the animal or products

Buying and selling within the community is a lot of effort with the current tools available

Keeping the overview

A lot of reefers do not keep a list of inhabitants and equipment for their tanks

When getting advice, it would be helpful to share tank setup

There are no tools available which really simplify this process for reefers


Our three first components adress most of these issues. Find out what they offer:

Vision for Build Your Tank

How we work

We believe in a strong collaboration with the community to build a tool that really helps reefers. In order to do that we normally follow these steps


Analyze status quo

to figure out what challenges reefers are facing


Design potential solutions

based on the findings from step 1 and our experience


Get feedback

from the community on the proposed solutions


Improve solutions

based on community-feedback and



We will improve the platform constantly to deliver more benefits to the community

Our goal is to provide a platform for reefers to simplify and enjoy the reefkeeping hobby

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